Dear friends! We are grateful for the amazing atmosphere in Basket-Hall during our games. It seems no one has any doubt that Loko fans are the best in Russia. Here are some simple conditions that will help us all keep this magic in the future.

Be understanding

The polite guys at the entrance are our security officers who do their best to make your stay at Basket-Hall as safe as possible. We will be very grateful if you make their work a little easier by maintaining correctness during communication.

Be secure

We are sure that you do not need to be reminded of this, but objects dangerous for other people are prohibited in the arena. The full list can be found here.

Be light

Laser devices and vuvuzela-ish stuff also should be left at home. You do understand the reason, don’t you?

Be human

Your pet giraffe surely loves Loko, but it’s more convenient for him to watch basketball on TV. Animals are not allowed into the arena.

Настрой на позитив

Поддерживайте наших парней корректно! В традициях Lokofamily – уважение к соперникам, арбитрам и болельщикам других команд. Трибуны «Баскет-Холла» пропитаны позитивом, и это традиции, которые стоит поддержать.

Be positive

Support our guys correctly! Follow the Lokofamily traditions — respect our opponents, referees and away fans. The stands of Basket-Hall are saturated with positive vibrations and it should be kept like that.

Be respectful

And absolutely nothing...and we mean it...NOTHING can be thrown onto the court or into others. This will automatically entail sanctions against the Club.

Be healthy

We root for a healthy lifestyle. Nobody should come to a game in a state of alcohol intoxication, and Zubbi does not approve smoking inside Basket-Hall.