Thanks for the season!

It is unfortunate that it all ended so early. But #BasketNotStop and Loko too. See you in the 2020/21 season!

09 MAR 12 MAR 28 MAR 05 APR 12 APR 17 APR
Единая Лига ВТБ
Mon, March 9, 15:00
LOKOMOTIV KUBAN Krasnodar 71 : 77 CSKA Moscow
Единая Лига ВТБ
Thu, March 12, 20:00
KALEV Estonia 81 : 98 LOKOMOTIV KUBAN Krasnodar
Единая Лига ВТБ
Sat, March 28, 18:30
Единая Лига ВТБ
Sun, April 5, 15:30
Единая Лига ВТБ
Sun, April 12, 17:00
LOKOMOTIV KUBAN Krasnodar : ASTANA Kazakhstan
Единая Лига ВТБ
Fri, April 17, 19:30


For fans March 25, 19:53
Stay Home, Stay Safe
Stay Home, Stay Safe


# Team W/L %
1. Khimki 18/1 94.7
2. CSKA 15/4 79
3. Lokomotiv-Kuban 14/6 70
4. UNICS 12/6 66.7
5. Kalev 8/12 40
6. Stelmet Zielona Gora 8/11 42.1
7. Zenit 8/10 44.4
8. PARMA 8/10 44.4
9. Enisey 7/11 38.9
10. Astana 7/11 38.9
11. Nizhny Novgorod 7/11 38.9
12. Tsmoki-Minsk 4/15 21.1
13. Avtodor 5/13 27.8

Team leaders

  • Top scorer
  • Top rebounder
  • Top assister
Johnny O'Bryant
Johnny O'Bryant
Mindaugas Kuzminskas 14.7
Will Cummings 12.1
Sam Dekker 11.4
Alan Williams 11.2
Alan Williams
Alan Williams
Johnny O'Bryant 5.7
Sam Dekker 4.9
Mindaugas Kuzminskas 4.2
Mantas Kalnietis 2.9
Mantas Kalnietis
Mantas Kalnietis
Dmitry Kulagin 4.6
Will Cummings 3.5
Johnny O'Bryant 2.6
Alan Williams 2.1

Loko in social networks

RT @SportsCenter: OKC Durant was something else ⚡️ https://t.co/SPfdovE37s
Очень жаль, что всё закончилось так рано. Но #БаскетНеОстановить и «Локо» тоже!❤️💚 ⠀ Увидимся в сезоне 2020/21!🖖 ––… https://t.co/EwAt44RL4Y
Yeah it’s probably 70% full. Huge plane. This is the last international flight that Turkey will be offering for the… https://t.co/SlRiobaxYT
Man I miss the brewers. And sports. And just great moments where people are together at a venue like this. https://t.co/F9NHTmBg0L
In the air, headed home! Cheers. https://t.co/1Sa59yOv4p
RT @VTBUL: 🏁 VTB United League has cancelled the remainder of 2019/20 season⠀ ⠀ Upon online voting, the Board of the League has decided to…
⚡️Единая Лига ВТБ досрочно завершает сезон 2019/20⚡️ ⠀ В связи с негативным развитием эпидемиологической ситуации и… https://t.co/H9mk2q1UHp
RT @OliviaDekker: Hang on. Crying. Hurry up @dekker Our family is about to be together💃🏼 https://t.co/IFtQurwmy6
Roddy Ricch- War Baby 🔥#classic
RT @alantwilliams: Also thank you to the @VTBUL it was an honor to compete against some really great competition! Easily one of the best le…
thanks for checking in on me all day! I really appreciate it. I’m good over here, can’t wait to be home!! https://t.co/5xgyja2MXP
RT @hannahdekker: snug as a bug on this gloomy quarantine day https://t.co/Ifzx6n3QGf
RT @DmitryPlanidin: Nothing but respect for Alan Williams and Sam Dekker who were a part of Lokomotiv this season. Showed up every night.…
Also thank you to the @VTBUL it was an honor to compete against some really great competition! Easily one of the be… https://t.co/c0zI81M4Ec
🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/wqgAc0ajC0


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