Season ticket

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban appreciates true basketball fans. Fans who consider visiting games of the favorite team to be a primary cause deserve to have special conditions at Loko’s home games.

That is why we offer you season tickets for Loko’s most important games in the season so you can have obvious advantages:

An individual seat

Forget about choosing free seats again and again! Having a season ticket, you get an individual seat for the whole season.

No queues

Buying a ticket ahead of the game is not a problem for you anymore. Your season ticket is valid during the whole season and doesn’t require any extension or change.

Priority participation in the club’s events

Priority is given to season ticket holders’ requests for fans road out, events, and campaigns.


Buying a season ticket, you get a significant discount off the initial ticket price.

You can buy, extend or book a season ticket on the phone
8 (861) 205-71-51 or e-mail
Season tickets are also available online.

Fierce Support

A part of Section 4 is called the Fierce Support Zone (FSZ). The season ticket costs only 1000 rubles. However, there are important conditions:
  • You’re allowed to the fan zone only in a red or green T-shirt/jersey/hoodie with the club’s logo;
  • You must not miss more than three games in a row;
  • Season tickets can be purchased only by over-18s.
FSZ season tickets

Come to Loko’s office for your FSZ season ticket (Yakhontovaya 2, second floor). Don’t forget to send an advance request to or 8 (861) 205-71-51. Advantages: an extremely low price, priority receiving of sponsor’s T-shirts, caps, clappers, and a 20-per-cent discount on participation in Loko fans road out.

and Special Offers

We have the following discounts and special offers
for season tickets:
Additional Discounts

The additional 15-per-cent discount is allowed to the Great Patriotic War veterans and pensioners after showing relevant certificates. The discount is cumulative with the Family Discount or with the Priority Discount.

Priority Discount

Those who want to extend their season ticket for the next season get a 15-per-cent discount. It gives you an opportunity to preserve your favorite seat and choose a seat for a friend (which is not occupied by other season ticket holders).

Priority for Family

Those who want to extent their family season ticket get a 25-per-cent discount.

Students Discount

The Students Discount (after showing a student ID) is 40 per cent off the initial season ticket price. It is not cumulative with any other discounts and special offers.

Family Discount

Fans who would like to visit games with their families get a 10-per-cent discount on a season ticket. You must show documents confirming blood relation.

Basket Hall
Box Offices

You can buy season tickets in Basket Hall box offices as well:
Working hours

from 10.00 to 20.00
(Box offices is open only on the game days)

Phone number

+7 (861) 214-11-31 (Box offices)
+7 (861) 214-11-11 (Front desk)