Jaylen Barford: “The booing of rival fans motivates me”

The scoring leader of “Loko” (16,5 points per game) speaks of his expectations over today’s game versus “Pari NN” – the team that has won as many games as Krasnodar club this season so far.
Hello, Jaylen! How do you feel after this unexpectedly long journey? Especially after the flight from Moscow to Nizhniy Novgorod, when the team had to spend an extra couple of hours in the airport due to plane switch?
– Oh yeah, that took quite a long time. But I feel great no matter what. Right now I am totally ready for the game. It’s going to be decisive and we’ll do our best to win it.
You’ve been a starter for the most part of this season. But in last 3 games you enter the court from the bench. Are you OK with it?
– Totally. We have great coaches; they know what to do. Even though I’m not a starter now, my total game time stays the same. So I just give my energy to the team in some other intervals.
In recent games you miss a lot in 1st and 2nd quarters. But in 3rd and 4th quarters your shot accuracy improves greatly. Why does this happen?
– Oh, I wish I have an answer! It’s a game – sometimes you score, sometimes you miss. I try to do my best no matter what quarter is it. And I can say that today the whole team will make maximum effort to finally defeat “Nizhniy”.
How important is the pitch advantage in playoffs in your opinion?
– As for me, I equally like playing at home and away. The booing of rival fans motivates me pretty much. But I know how much this advantage mean to our fans in Krasnodar. So we’re definitely eager to come over “Nizhniy” and to give to Loko family as much good moments as we can.
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