Andrey Martyuk is a participant of the Match of Stars!

In the 2022/23 season, the Loko forward was included in the symbolic five of the VTB United League round 6 times. Immediately after Martyuk received a wild card to participate in the All-Star Match, he shared his emotions with the club's press service.
- How did you take the news?
- I was very happy, of course. I really try to play as efficiently and effectively as possible. It looks like it's working. For me, this is the first participation in such a match with all the best players in the league. Exciting…
- What do you expect from the All-Star Match itself?
- I want to show a beautiful game so that all viewers enjoy watching it - both in the arena and in the broadcast
- How important is the sports component in such matches?
- Believe me, the youth intends to give a very serious fight to their "mentors"!
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