UNICS vs Loko: let March begin cheerfully

Lokomotiv-Kuban will resume the VTB United League championship with an away game against UNICS. The game is scheduled on March 2, 2PM at Kazan.

UNICS vs. Loko is an event that does not need additional promotion amongst basketball fans. Last season’s finalists of the VTB United League have many times proved the fact that each of their clashes is a real feast of sports.


UNICS (21-6) resumes the championship being second, and Loko (19-8) closes the Top-3. The teams exchanged home victories in the first part of the season. In Kazan, Velimir Perasović’s team won confidently (91:73), and they also played very well in the second game, making a 20-point lead after the first half. But then, Loko dramatically changed things. After 18:0 run, the Krasnodar team achieved a strong-willed victory (82:75).

Their leaders

UNICS is the ruling champion, and they retained the main heroes of last season finals. For sure, the roster was updated, but slightly. And the level of the newcomers quickly found fine application into Kazan tactics.

The good example is Dmitry Kulagin, who was just called the League MVP of February. As for those who played for UNICS last season, one should first of all mention Nenad Dmitrijević, whose consistent play justifies his status of the finals MVP. The guard makes 17 points, 6.5 assists and 1.5 steals on average per game this season.

Their back court also has experienced Marcos Knight and Eric Green, each of whom averages over 13 points per game. And at the front court of Kazan is leaded by a powerful trio: Louis Labeyrie, Jalen Reynolds and Ismael Bako. By the way, both Bako and Dmitrievich filled the pause in the championship with matches in national teams. The Belgian helped his team sensationally beat Spain, and the Macedonian almost made a triple-double (32+8+8) in a victorious match against Poland (96:71).

How to watch

Lokomotiv-Kuban PBC is organizing a joint viewing of the upcoming game with our fans. More details HERE.

The game will be broadcasted on the “Krasnodar” TV channel, as well as on “Match TV”, “Start”, and the VTB United League website.

We recommend you to watch it on “Krasnodar” TV channel, because Loko’ forward Anton Kvitkovskikh will be the commentator there.

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