Aleksandr Shcherbenev: “We know our strengths”

The Loko guard told about his expectations on today's game against CSKA.
– How can yu describe CSKA?
– Well, they have a good coaching staff, experienced foreign players who have played a lot in Europe, strong Russian guys. The team is quite powerful, they know how to win. It is not surprising that CSKA occupied first place in the league for a long time this season. Surely they want to return on top. Plus, they are now on a losing streak, so I suppose they are very motivated to win today. Especially in front of their fans.
– However, Loko won four games in a row in Megasport – one at the beginning of this season and three more in last year's semi-finals. Can you call this arena fortunate for your team?
– Yet, this is the home ground for CSKA. And the fact that we play in Megasport is rather a plus for them. But, indeed, we also have experience of winning on this floor. We also know our strengths, so we will do everything possible to repeat good result.
– What exactly should Loko do to win?
– Score more than opponent.
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