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Alisa Ryabova

Alisa Ryabova

– Everyone wants the team in which they work to be strong. Therefore, joining LOKS Dancers is a very tough competition, but once you’re in, there is complete mutual support.

How do we manage to change clothes so quickly? There is no secret. All you need to do is: prepare things in advance for each room; run headlong after the previous timeout, despite fatigue; change clothes at the speed of light and not get confused in your own clothes; then return to the parquet, while remaining beautiful and not wrinkled.

Oh, I remember once during a performance my skirt flew off at the most epic moment. It’s good that it was the end of the act, and I quickly ran away from the floor. I also often tear out my hair by stepping on it with my feet while moving, that’s how we do it – long-haired dancers!

I don’t have one favorite dance style; I try to develop in all directions. With the exception of such cases as I had at the institute, when I spent the entire number crawling around the stage like an ant in a kid’s show. In my free time, I love hiking in the mountains, drawing, painting pictures, in general, everything related to beauty. I also have a cat, Dusya. She is my soul; I love every millimeter of her!