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Elena Diakova

Elena Diakova

– I have seen many different Lokomotiv-Kuban squads and am delighted with our current team. The last two seasons have been very interesting to watch Sasha Shcherbenev play. I’m sure he will make a splash in Russian basketball and beyond.

What do they ask me when they find out that I am from LOKS Dancers? “Why don’t you perform at away games?”

One funny incident I remember was when I was getting hair extensions and a capsule flew off during a performance. I quickly picked it up and danced with a piece of hair in my hands.

I listen to music always and everywhere. I really like to walk. Headphones in your ears, a delicious cappuccino with almond milk and a walk around your beloved Krasnodar – the perfect combination. I also really want to get a dog. Dwarf maltipoo. I would call her Edik. And don’t ask me why.