Vitaliy Fridzon: “I will play another season in the national team”

Captain Loko and the Russian national team commented to RIA Novosti on the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games for next year, and also shared opinion on the uncertain future of the suspended VTB United League season.
 Vitaliy Fridzon, guard Lokomotiv Kuban

I consider the decision to postpone the Olympics to be right, it’s impossible to risk the health of athletes, fans, people. To this, everything went, by and large. I said that my dream is to end my career in the Olympics team, so I will play another season in the team. Health allows, I feel good. Now no one knows how and what will happen next. Will there be a VTB League season? Will there be a Euroleague season? When will clarity appear? Sheer suspense. At my age it is better to play, I would love to see out the season. Better to be in good shape and finish the season. But the main thing is people's health. The situation is dangerous, and with such things it is better not to joke. Everything is normal in our club, all the guys are clean, passed all the tests. While we are still in quarantine. Better than risking life.

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