Loko fans choose Alan Williams MVP of the season

Big man confidently outranked his teammates and was recognized by fans as the best player of the season.

In voiting for the MVP title of the season Alan Williams took a confident first place and received a prize of Loko fans sympathy.

Alan received 37.5% of the vote, captain Vitaliy Fridzon came in second with 15.5% of the vote, and Dmitry Kulagin finished third in the vote, who received 14.6% of the vote.

Williams became the most efficient Loko player in the 2019/20 season! In VTB United League he had 18 efficiency points, which consisted of 11.2 points + 10.1 rebounds + 2.1 assists + 0.8 steals + 1.1 blocks. In Eurocup Alan’s efficiency score was 15.8 points: 9.4 points + 9.4 rebounds + 1.9 assists + 0.7 steals + 0.7 blocks.

Catch a number of excellent highlights from our MVP with confirmation of his cool abilities!

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