MarSpo Awards: gold promo season, silver StarBoy

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban has traditionally become one of the best sports clubs in Russia that use sports marketing tools most effectively in its activity, having received two MarSpo 2020 awards!

The power of the South burst into the information space most effectively and deservedly received the highest MarSpo 2020 award in the nomination “Best Promo”!

In the nomination “Best digital project” the basketball service to save your New Year mood StarBoy received silver! The protagonists of this beautiful video were Alan Williams, Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Will Cummings. Played as brilliantly and soulfully as possible, as they acted on the court the entire 2019/20 season!

The One Team was shortlisted to the category “Best social project”!

Such content, of course, would not have existed without the maximum desire to please the very best fans in the world. Thank you, lokofamily, your contribution to these awards is very significant! Go, Loko!

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