Evgeny Pashutin: «It’s important to put pressure on Metropolitan 92 and do not let their players to score easy baskets»

Head coach of «Lokomotiv-Kuban» and center Alan Williams shared their expectations prior the game against «Metropolitan 92».
Evgeny Pashutin, head coach «Lokomotiv-Kuban»

We've had enough time to prepare for the game. We need to be aggressive on rebounding and also on defense, against their players who score a lot. We need to put pressure on Will Cummings, Jordan McRae and David Michineau. Vince Hunter is one more problem for any opponent. He dominates under the basket and gets effective help from Ginat Tomer. On offense, we need to move the ball fast, seek an advantage and use it to score baskets.

Alan Williams, center «Lokomotiv-Kuban»

We need to be very focused. Our opponent is a strong team and has played good basketball in the EuroCup. We need to win this game. It's not going to be easy because they will put all the effort in to succeed also. I will be very glad to see my friend Will Cummings. But we will have a chat after the game. We are opponents during the game.

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