The team went to Turkey

Lokomotiv Kuban has started the second part of preparation for the season.

Lokomotiv Kuban will train in Turkey untill 20th of September. Straight after the team wil take off to Moscow were the Super Cup of VTB United League will start. The opponent of the first game in this tournament on 22nd of Septemer is not known yet. But on 23 Loko will face the reigning champion of the League – Zenit. 

The very first test-mach of the season the team will play on the 3rd of September. The oponent is Runa (Moscow). Down the stretch of the Turkey part of pre-season preparation Loko will play in two tournaments with international teams. For sure one of the strongets opponents will be a two time winner of Eurolegue Anadolu Efes.  

The squad fir the Turkey part of the pre0season:

forwards Andrei Martiuk, Dmitrii Uzinskii, Anton Kvitkovskikh, Egor Sychkov, Danil Sheyanov, Sergey Dolinin, Konstantin Dotsenko;

centers Valerii Kalinov, Kirill Elatontsev;

guards Jaylen Barford, Ivan Paunic, Alexandr Shcherbenev, Vladislav Emchenko, Zakhar Vedischev.

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