Loko-2009 qualified for the semifinal round of the Russian Championship

Loko-2009 qualified for the next stage of the Russian Championship.


Today, on October 5, the matches of the interregional selection for the youth Championship of Russia in Group C, where Loko-2009 played, ended in Volgograd.

Krasnodar young men started the tournament more than confidently – Astrakhan “Fortuna-Orlan” was beaten with an incredible score of 171:7! In the evening of the same day “Loko-2009” won the second victory – 86:54 over Rostov Sports School No. 2.

But the second day of the competition showered the team with a cold shower – Volgograd Sports School No. 12 defeated the railwaymen with a score of 60:56.

We have a classic example of underestimating the opponent. Last season we smashed Sports School No. 12 three times by "+30". So we didn't tune in properly. It turned out very conveniently that such a defeat happened to us at a time when the tournament situation could still be corrected.

At the end of the tournament  Krasnodar team left no chance for either Stavropol Sports School No. 1 (101:30) or Volgograd Sports School No. 23 (93:56).

As a result, Loko-2009 took second place in the group and won one of two tickets to the first semi-final stage of the Russian Championship, which will be held in December.

The exact dates of the next stage, the venue and the rivals of the Loko-2009 will be known later.

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