Alexander Shcherbenev: «Terrible emotions – it’s unpleasant to lose at the start of the season»

The Loko point guard commented on the result of the meeting almost immediately after the final whistle. Emotions of a player in an interview with lokobasket.
How did it feel after the end of the match?
Terrible emotions, it's unpleasant to lose at the start of the season to a league newcomer. Congratulations to the MBA, they played a good match. And now we will work on the mistakes.
What caused the defeat? Insufficient attitude?
We definitely did not have any under-tuning. We understood that they would come out to fight. And what was the reason… We need to look at the statistics, they definitely have a lot of rebounds on offense. And they had more desire to be seen – they broke away on the boldness and did not let us back in.
Have you ever played on your birthday before?
Somehow I didn't follow. It's definitely my first time playing at a professional level. It's a pity I couldn't give myself a gift. But we will improve and in the game with Samara we will show a completely different basketball.
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