Aleksander Sekulic: «It is important that we did not repeat the mistakes of previous games»

The head coach of Loko shared his thoughts on the victory against MINSK (92:70).
Aleksander Sekulic, Lokomotiv Kuban head coach

First of all, I want to thank the organizers of the game and the Belarusian fans: it was very pleasant for us to play in this venue, in such a great atmosphere. Today's match was fraught with serious danger for us: we played right after facing Zenit. And it was a very tough matchup against reigning champion – physically and morallyl. And today we were fighting a team that has not yet won a single game. This kind of opponent is very dangerous. Despite the results, Minsk is showing good basketball, so our coaching staff took the Belarusians' game very seriously. It was very important for us to be focused today, because last time when Minsk played at home, they lost to UNICS by a little margin. Therefore, we are pleased that we performed as we should. I really didn't want to repeat the mistakes we made in previous matches. I am glad that this was avoided today.

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