Alexander Sekulich: «We allowed CSKA to feel confident»

The head coach of Loko commented on the defeat from the leader of the tournament – CSKA (66:98).
How would you rate the match?
– The first half was even more or less optimistic for our team. But after a long break, we began to let the opposing team score easy points and gain confidence in their abilities. We ourselves, on the contrary, threw inaccurately – perhaps this is a matter of psychology.
How do you plan to work psychologically with the team after two defeats?
– After a good winning streak and two really big victories over Zenit and UNICS, we lost our courage. Now, together with our coaching staff, we will work to restore the right mood to the team. We have a match with the IBA ahead of us – we respect this opponent, but at the same time we understand that we have enough quality to play better and expect to win the next match.
How do you like Okaro White's debut for Loko?
– We need to be realistic: he spent only one training session with us. It is impossible to fully join the team in such a short time. Nevertheless, I think he performed well today. We will give him more chances, and he will definitely become an important tool for us to achieve results.
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