Barford is in the starting five for the All–Star Game!

The starting lineups for the VTB United League All-Star Game have been announced. Loco defender Jaylen Barford will play from the first minutes for the New School team.

On February 19, the VTB United League All-Star Match will be held at the VTB Arena in Moscow. Nine days before the event, the head coaches of the teams competing in the show match chose the starting five.

Emil Raikovich from CSKA, who was entrusted to lead the New School team at the All-Star Game, included Loco defender Jaylen Barford in the starting five. Anton Astapkovich, Nikola Milutinov (both CSKA), Sergey Karasev (Zenit) and Daryl Macon (UNICS) will join him at the start.

And here is the starting line–up of the Old School team, which will be coached by Velimir Perasovich from UNICS: Alexey Shved, Nikita Kurbanov (both CSKA), Thomas Ertel (Zenit), Louis Labery (UNICS) and Malik Dime (PARMA-PARI).

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