Happy birthday, Vasily Grigorievich!

Vasily Grigorievich Siver, Honored Coach of the RSFSR, head of the Locostart project, accepts congratulations today!

Vasily Grigorievich is very well known to many generations of basketball fans. His fruitful and successful activity for the benefit of the best ball game is measured by more than half a century. And he remains one of the most prominent and active organizers of the popularization of our game!

Vasily Grigoryevich stood at the very origins of the club’s reserve training system – he developed the direction of youth and youth basketball at Loko for many years. The teams of the reserve system under his command became winners and prize-winners of All-Russian competitions, national championships.

Today Vasily Grigorievich heads one of the most iconic children’s projects of the club – “Locostart”. The main task is to popularize the game, introduce basketball to elementary school students in Krasnodar, and hold competitions for city teams. Every year the large-scale tournament grows with new participants, and its best pupils get into the system of the reserve “Loco”.

We heartily congratulate Vasily Grigoryevich on the holiday and wish him good health, well-being and inexhaustible energy!

Happy Birthday!

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