Alexander Sekulich: “A rival like Pari NN does not forgive mistakes”

The head coach of "Loko" commented on the defeat from "Pari NN" (80:82) – one of the most bitter in the history of the club.
What are your impressions of the game?
– The result was very disappointing – not even the loss itself, but the fact that we missed the actually won match in the last seconds. In the first quarter we allowed the opponent to make a lot of open shots, but after a long break we started playing much better. We will look into the reasons why we lost in the end. We kept our concentration well throughout the match, but at the most important moment we started to lose the match easily. At this level, the opponent does not forgive this. Anyway, we continue to look to the future. There is a very important match ahead with CSKA, which we will definitely try to win. It will be a charity game – we will give all the income from tickets and paraphernalia to the development of youth basketball, so I invite you to the match to support not only our team, but also children's sports.
In the second half, Loko confidently turned the course of the match in their favor – largely due to the fact that the players of Pari NN began to receive a lot of fouls. Did you have an aggressive offensive mindset?
- Yes. We all know how Nizhny Novgorod plays. We tried to use their excessive aggressiveness in the second half. It seemed that we had seized the initiative. But it turned out that we still have something to improve on.
When will we see Okaro White in the Loko squad?
– He has to undergo a medical examination, we are waiting for the results of all tests. As soon as he gets admission, he will start the training process with the team.
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