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The programs for the Loko matches have become electronic

Starting today, we are transferring all the programs for the home matches of Lokomotiv-Kuban from paper format to electronic format.

Loko is keeping up with the times: from now on, we will publish all pre-match programs for our home games in electronic format.

There are two main reasons for this step. Firstly, we care about the environment and consciously refuse to spend a lot of paper. Secondly, the electronic format allows us to make the programs publicly available – anyone can download them to their computer or smartphone absolutely free of charge.

All our programs will be stored here at this link. Download them for yourself or view them without downloading the file. The heroes of our first electronic issue are forward Chris Horton, center Kirill Yelatontsev and assistant coach Roman Semerninov.

And, of course, we are waiting for everyone in the evening at the Basket Hall – at 20:00 the game against Pari NN will begin. It doesn’t matter that there is a blizzard outside – the match will be very hot! Go ahead, Loco!

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