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Match against Pari NN: why it is necessary to visit it

On February 7, Lokomotiv-Kuban starts a home mini-series with a match against Pari Nizhny Novgorod. We will tell you about what will surround tomorrow's game and make a visit to the "Basket Hall" a real holiday for every spectator.

We haven't seen such a «Loco» this season yet

If you’ve never been to a basketball game, then this is the perfect moment to do it for the first time! After all, Lokomotiv-Kuban has now caught a powerful courage: four consecutive victories, and from match to match the quality of the red-green game is noticeably growing. Having warmed up on the outsiders “Minsk” and “Astana”, “Loko” got into the taste and began to take scalps from the grandees. The current champion Zenit was defeated in the last attack (92:90), and UNICS was literally crushed to the nines (103:70). The same UNICS, which had suffered only two defeats in 23 matches of the season before! We expect that Lokomotiv-Kuban will gain a foothold at this level and in the match with Paris NN will demonstrate an equally impressive playing form.

Раз уж речь зашла о форме, то стоит упомянуть тот факт, что на завтрашнем матче команда представит новый игровой комплект. В середине сезона «Локомотив-Кубань» сменил технического спонсора. Серо-стальные комплекты Adidas ушли в прошлое, отныне нас экипирует фирма Joma. В трёх предыдущих матчах уже можно было увидеть, как выглядит фартовая белая выездная форма от Joma.

Каждый матч в «Баскет-Холле» – это грандиозное шоу

Когда «Локо» играет дома, одним только баскетболом развлечения для зрителей не ограничиваются. К каждому матчу мы готовим большое шоу и разнообразную развлекательную программу, которая начинается за полтора часа до стартового вбрасывания мяча арбитрами на площадке.

Firstly, at each match we give away a lot of prizes and gifts.

Anyone who buys branded souvenirs worth 750 rubles or more in our fanshop automatically becomes a participant in the prize campaign, the winners of which we determine 20 minutes before the start of the match. The first winner gets the right to move (together with another person of his choice) to the best spectator seats – in the Parquet sector. Two more receive gift certificates from our partners. The main thing is not to forget to go to your section on the stands 20 minutes before the match, so as not to miss the moment when your number is pulled out of the lottery reel.

Although it is better to go up to the stands half an hour before the match, because at this time the “Locobet” draw will begin: everyone will be asked to guess the score of the match. Whoever ends up being the most accurate of all will receive a 90% discount on tickets to the next Loko home game.

In the big break of the match there will be several more draws, in order to win in which it will be enough to stay in their places. In order for all participants to be on equal terms, we will tell you the details of the contests already at the game itself.

Does Loko have a group of cheerleaders?

We don’t just have cheerleaders. Our Loks Dancers are multiple winners of competitions among sports support groups.

We also have a talisman Zubastic. Once you have talked with our restless and cheerful Zubki, you will never forget him!

As soon as there is a pause in the match, we recommend that you pay attention to the cube-scoreboard above the court – we will turn on an interactive camera, into the lens of which you can easily get!

And at some point we will turn on our noise meter – in one of the breaks we will find out which tribune is shouting louder and try to break the record of the season.

Should I take my children with me?

We are happy for children and know how to entertain them. For the youngest visitors of the «Basket Hall» we have several platforms:
∙ aquagrim;
∙ children’s playground with animators;
∙ game area with video consoles and board games;
∙ fun starts and art workshops from the «Center of Growth»;
∙ a drawing studio where you can create a poster in support of the team (it often happens that players come to leave their autograph on the most beautiful posters after the match).

So your children will not get a single chance to get bored, even if it turns out to be difficult for them to sit in the stands for four game ten minutes!

But the Basket Hall is so far away…

This is a slightly outdated point of view. When the “Basket Hall” was just built, it really was on the very outskirts of the city. But since then, new neighborhoods have grown on all sides of the arena, and the transport infrastructure has improved significantly. Now you can even get to the arena by tram (although you still have to walk half an hour from the terminal).

But, at least, there are plenty of minibuses passing by the “Basket Hall”. And on the days of evening matches (like tomorrow) they go late. Let ‘s list these routes:

∙ No. 29 — CCR — village Spiky
∙ No. 38 — Jubilee MKR — pos . Kalinina
∙ No. 67 — Cooperative market — 9th Tikhaya str.
∙ No.105 — Progress agricultural complex — Sports Village residential complex
∙ No. 106 — Cooperative market — 2nd branch of SKZNIISiV
∙ No. 182A — CCR — pos . Vodnikov
∙ No. 183A — Elizavetinskaya — Berezovy
∙ No. 201 – Cooperative market – village South

It is also convenient to get to us by car, however, you should set the time for evening traffic jams on Dzerzhinsky Street. But our Parking is spacious – there are enough places for everyone:

By the way, to make it more fun for you to go to the game, our press service will arrange a live broadcast from the playground – it will start at 19:15 and last half an hour. We will tell you about the preparation of Loko for the match, analyze the opponent’s game and answer the questions of our subscribers. The broadcast will be carried out on the club’s Vkontakte page. Questions can be asked in the same place – or in our telegram channel.

Persuaded! Where and how to buy tickets?

Lokomotiv-Kuban is keeping pace with modernity. We have made the procedure of buying tickets as easy as possible – now it can be done literally in three clicks on our website. Visit the “Tickets” section of our website – and see for yourself!

What else do you need to keep in mind when going to a match?

For security reasons, we have no right to let you into the “Basket Hall” with large backpacks and bags – bulky luggage can be left in the luggage room (they will show you where it is, it’s in the basement of the “Basket Hall”).

With bottles and thermoses, too, alas, it is impossible – drinks can be bought in the lobby of the sports complex. Alternatively, you can buy a branded thermocup in our fanshop and walk with it.

Another point of our prohibitions is professional equipment for photo and video shooting. If you really want to report from the arena, contact a press service specialist (+7-962-869-44-75) – we will find a solution that will suit everyone.

What should I do if I have difficulties during the match?

If you can’t find the right sector, missed friends, left your things somewhere – feel free to contact our stewards. These are guys in T-shirts with the words “Staff” and “Ready to help”. They know exactly what to do in any situation.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the match with great impatience – and we try to do everything to make you comfortable and interesting in the arena. In return, we need your fervent support – the native stands have helped Loko win difficult matches more than once. See you on Tuesday at the Basket Hall! Let’s make it hot! Go ahead, Loco!

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