EcoLoco: the players of the Krasnodar team took part in an important social mission

Lokomotiv-Kuban took part in the environmental campaign of the VTB United League.

If an ordinary person is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day, then a professional athlete, depending on the loads, can drink twice as much!

Considering that all the water should be in individual containers – can you imagine how many plastic bottles are collected during a workout? And for the season?

The basketball club “Lokomotiv-Kuban” regularly supports the recycling and recycling of plastic. Another action led by Zubbi took place in the “Basket Hall”, where the team conducts its training sessions and home matches. The basic player Egor Sychkov, as well as Vladislav Shamray, Gleb Yalovenko and Denis Pershin, representing the Krasnodar youth team, helped the mascot “Loco”.

In a few hours, the guys handed over 130 bags for recycling! They barely fit in the KAMAZ! All this plastic went to recycling. It is planned to create coverings for outdoor sports grounds from the obtained material.

Egor Sychkov, forward of PBC "Lokomotiv-Kuban"

Today we have collected 130 bags of plastic bottles. They will all go to recycling. It's great. Both the club and the guys and I personally support this environmental campaign. And we sincerely ask everyone to take care of the environment as much as possible. Together we can make our planet cleaner and better.

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