Happy anniversary, Sergey Borisovich!

To the Honorary President of the VTB—70 United League!

PBK Lokomotiv-Kuban congratulates the honorary President of the VTB United League Sergey Borisovich Ivanov on his anniversary!
On behalf of the club and all sports fans, we thank Sergey Borisovich for the many years of support and assistance he provides for the development of basketball in our country!
We wish you good health, success in the professional field, family well-being and good mood!
Happy Birthday!

Andrey Vedishchev, President of PBK "Locomotive-Kuban"

Congratulations on the birthday of Sergey Borisovich Ivanov– Honorary President of the VTB United League!

It is impossible to overestimate what Sergey Borisovich is doing for Russian basketball!

I am sincerely glad that his time, attention and strength are enough not only for solving the most important state tasks, but also for our favorite basketball – the bright and competitive VTB United League is a testament to that.

I wish Sergey Borisovich good health, spiritual harmony and optimism! Let the accumulated life experience and wisdom help to reach new heights.

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