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Instead of Zakhar Vedishchev on DFM radio – Dmitry Uzinsky

Emergency replacement in today's Loco broadcast on DFM radio: Zakhar Vedishchev is ill. He will be replaced in the studio today by the captain of "Loco" Dmitry Uzinsky.

None of us is immune from force majeure. Previously announced by us, Zakhar Vedishchev, on the recommendation of the medical staff, was forced to miss the live broadcast scheduled for today at 16:00 on DFM radio (106.0 FM).

But the show must go on! Dmitry Uzinsky will be a guest of the studio today. Together with the head of the club’s press service Vladimir Mozhaitsev, the captain of Loko will answer your questions! Ask them in our telegram channel and VKontakte club public. We remind you that we will award a prize to the author of the most interesting question!

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