Rock and Roll on basketball: how it was

During the big break of the Loko – Minsk match, special guests performed in front of the audience – the acrobatic rock and roll ensemble Delight. Let's remind you what it looked like.

– We were very glad to be invited to speak at the match! – says the coach of the Delight team Vladislav Podlesnykh. – We know how important the culture of basketball movement is for Krasnodar. Many parents of our athletes regularly attend the games and support Lokomotiv-Kuban! We were happy to dilute the atmosphere of basketball rivalry with our dance number. The girls entered the finals of the Russian Championship with this program in December 2022, which is a very prestigious and serious achievement for us. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of viewers – more than 4,000 people! Performing for so many people was new to us, but we really enjoyed it! We will be glad to continue cooperation, we are imbued with the atmosphere of unity with the support of our favorite club. And we were glad to be a part of a serious international match!

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