Alexander Sekulich: “I am glad that the team took this match seriously”

The head coach of Loko commented on the victory over Minsk (74:56).
How do you rate the game?
– It was very important to treat Minsk with respect. Yes, they have only one victory so far, but they often demonstrate a good game. I am glad that our team took today's match seriously. It is always difficult to play against a team that has nothing to lose, and today the opponent deserves very good words. On defense, everything was more or less in order today. Some things were not done, but in general it is fine. There were no free throws in the offense at first, but in the end we found a way that led us to victory. I want to praise the audience separately. At home games in the "Basket Hall" there is just a great atmosphere. Many thanks to our fans – you really energize us, this is an important component of our victories.
Grigory Shukhovtsov was in the application today. How was the game supposed to work out for him to get a few seconds on the court?
– It was the decision of the coaching staff to include him in the rotation. We see how Grigory works in training, he helps our youth develop very well. Two of our "big ones" were injured before this match: Martyuk and Sychkov. First of all, we planned to give the young people a chance today, but Grigory also had to be ready.
Andrey Martyuk received the prize "Athlete of Kuban" today. How important is this for the team?
– I hope it will give the rest of the players an impulse to work better. And to Andrey – my big congratulations. He is not just an extraordinary athlete, but also a very pleasant person: he works very hard in training, positive, modest. Sometimes, maybe even too modest, but I think he definitely deserved this victory.
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