Egor Sychkov: “I want to benefit the team every second”

The 21-year-old Loko forward spent 21 minutes on the floor in the game with Zenit. His reliable defensive play was one of the factors of the guests' breakthrough, which allowed to return the intrigue in the match. The pupil of the Kuban basketball shared his impressions of the missed victory.
You continue to "cruise" between the foundation and the Super League team. How do you manage to cope physically and psychologically? After all, the matches are noticeably different in terms of intensity, speed and fight.
– I spent a lot of time with the main team to understand the requirements of the coaching staff. Of course, the game is noticeably different, but when you are included in the application for the VTB United League game, believe me, any young player feels a surge of energy and emotions. I am no exception. You just don't notice how much time you spend on the court – you want to give your best, be useful to the team every second.
The match in St. Petersburg became a real basketball thriller. Including your personally useful actions helped the team to return the intrigue. What do you think was not enough to win?
– To put it mildly, we started the game too defensively, did not follow the instructions of the coach. This allowed the opponent to "feel" the game closer to the middle. But we didn't stop, we tried to "come back", and it turned out. Everything was decided by the last throw, but we were unlucky.
There are only two matches left until the end of the regular season. The nearest one is at home against Minsk. How will the preparation be built?
– First the road home, it will take a whole day, but we are already used to it. In Krasnodar, we will watch the video, we are waiting for serious work on mistakes. Well, then the goal is the same – only to win.
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