DeVon Akun-Purcell: “We need to make the most of the opponent’s mistakes”

The debut of the American-Trinidadian legionnaire was one of the most notable events of the game against Zenit – Akun-Purcell scored 20 points, sharing with Thomas Ertel the title of the most productive player of the match.
How would you comment on the match?
– We conceded because of our defensive play. We need to react better to the opponent's mistakes and make the most of them.
Several times during the match, you talked about something with Zenit center Richard Solomon, and judging by the body language, it was a conversation in raised tones…
– Basketball is a contact game, and we compete at a high level. Different people may have different views on the same things. Do not attach any importance to this.
To score 20 points in the opening match is a cool achievement. How do you rate your personal performance today?
– I just tried to use the moments that my partners created for me. I didn't force the game, and I didn't try to do anything outstanding. I concentrated on the most basic elements of the game, on the simplest things.
How quickly does the "elbow feeling" come with partners?
– Many things will still be adjusted, changed and improved. This is our first match together after just a week of general training. We are getting better day by day, we are gaining in understanding and organization. In the next matches, I think the result will be different – we will become better both defensively and offensively. Victories will come.
Today you made your debut in the VTB United League. What do you think about the level of the tournament?
– I can say for sure that there are no invincible teams. Everyone can lose – it's basketball. It is simply necessary to prepare qualitatively for each next game, and victories will come.
You went to the locker room from the playground with Jaylen Barford. Did you discuss his last throw, which could bring Loko victory?
– We still have a lot of matches ahead of us. I told JB to throw next time in a similar situation – and not to think about it.
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