Alexander Sekulich: “Our goal is to fight in every match”

The head coach of Loko hotly commented on the defeat of the reigning VTB United League champion Zenit (71:73).
How would you rate the game that just ended?
– Congratulations to Zenit. The level of the opponent eventually affected, even though we had a shot to win in the last seconds. Both of our matches with Zenit this season turned out to be interesting, with chances for our team – this gives us reason to be optimistic about the future.
DeVon Akun-Purcell started the match with three fouls in a row, and eventually scored 20 points. What did you say to him?
– So that he plays the way he knows how. That's why we took Devon – so that he would show our team, which is the youngest in the league in terms of average age, how to act in difficult situations by his example. For example, in such a situation when you quickly get three fouls.
Yelatontsev did not spend a second on the court. Is he injured?
– No, he's fine, it was a coaching decision not to release him.
The second part of the season "Lokomotiv-Kuban" will be in the top six. What are the tasks facing the team at this stage?
– I think it's too early to talk about the "Top 6" - we need to play two more matches of the first round of the regular season. Now we have to focus on the match with Minsk. We are moving from game to game. We are doing everything to win each of them. Whatever opponent is waiting for you, the chances are 50-50 before the match starts. Yes, we have a young team, but we need to benefit from it: fight, play aggressively, give a show. And Loko's tasks are always the highest.
In a recent interview, Luka Doncic said that he watches Euroleague games more often than the NBA. As the coach of the Slovenian national team, did you by any chance advise him to watch the VTB United League?
– My words of respect to Luka, whom I consider the best player of our time. But after the Loko match, please let's talk about Loko. There are many great teams and interesting matches in the VTB United League. Maybe Luka will decide to watch this league himself one day. But I don't think it's appropriate for me to ask him about it.
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