DeVon Akun-Purcell: “The team accepted me well”

The Loko newcomer spoke about his first impressions and expectations from the match with Zenit.
When will we see you on the set?
‒ I hope already in the match with Zenit ‒ I am doing everything possible to be fully prepared for this day. I came here to play.
What do you focus on in training?
‒ My first training sessions in Krasnodar were individual ‒ in the gym and on the playground, in order to quickly get into the right shape. Now I'm already studying with everyone.
And what are your impressions of the first training sessions with the team?
‒ Great! We are working very hard ‒ after the defeat from Pari NN, we need to return to the winning path as soon as possible. I'm having a lot of fun. The teammates are great, the coaching staff is qualified, the training halls and the arena are wonderful ‒ I hope we will get many, many victories on this site.
Zenit is the current champion of the VTB United League. What do you know about this team?
‒ I know that now it is one of the strongest teams in the league, so the match with them will be a serious challenge for us. It will be necessary to show your maximum to get a victory on the road against such an opponent.
Lokomotiv-Kuban will take a long time to get to St. Petersburg: first by train, then by plane. How do you usually spend your time during long trips?
‒ I hope to talk to my teammates to get to know everyone better.
Were you previously acquainted with someone from "Loco"?
- Knew Joshiah Gray. The team received me well, the atmosphere in the locker room seemed great to me. Very soon I hope to become completely my own here.
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