Alexander Sekulich: “We could not demonstrate a game that would be enough to win”

The head coach of Loko commented on the home defeat against Pari NN (63:73).
What is your comment on the course and result of the game?
We were aware of how strong the opponent would be against us today. But, alas, we could not demonstrate a game that would be enough to win. The start of the match was good, but then we lost the initiative, primarily due to the physical superiority of the opponent under the ring. We quickly scored fouls, had to make forced substitutions and change the plan that we had initially. The problems were layered, we started making a lot of mistakes in defense and offense, choosing bad situations for shots – as a result, the accumulated uncertainty led to the fact that we started to miss even from the penalty line.
Jaylen Barford played less than usual today – 21 minutes. What is the reason for this?
JB's match didn't go very well today, we are used to seeing a more meaningful game from him. Therefore, they began to look for the necessary energy in other players. By the way, even if Jaylen spent less time on the court today than usual, but he generally fulfilled his norm for throws.
Joshiah Gray took over the game a lot today. How do you think he copes with the role of team leader?
When players take the initiative, it's very good. We have to become more variable. Josh hasn't done much training with the team yet. I am sure that he will play more and more effectively from match to match.
Egor Sychkov got quite a lot of time today. What is the reason for this and how would you rate his performance?
He showed himself well. Yes, it was not without mistakes, but it happens with young players, we believe that Egor can play even better.
What were you so emotionally arguing about with the referees after the 1st quarter?
They have their own point of view on the game, I have my own. It seemed to me that some of the fouls on our players were too rough. Maybe I looked too emotional, but my job is to protect my players.
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