Sergey Panov: “The amount in words is more important for the players than the coach’s last name”

The president of Pari NN talks about the chances of his team in a principled confrontation with Loko. The match will take place on January 5 at 16.00 in the Krasnodar "Basket Hall".
What are your impressions of the first round?
Everyone is trying to get into the top six. We have not succeeded so far. But there are 4 matches left, including the game with Loko. There were several offensive defeats that did not allow us to secure a place in the top six right now. I especially remember how the IBA lost at home in five minutes, and also in Perm with a difference of two points. Plus, there was a defeat in Samara. But it's not a shame there, they gave in to the case… Therefore, we will try to solve the issue of getting into the "Top-6" in the remaining games. The team just played. We have solved the problems with the squad that we have had since the beginning of the season. Therefore, I think that we will solve the task of the first stage.
And how are the tasks for the season formulated in principle? More precisely - at the end of the second round? To take the fourth or fifth place to avoid meeting with the leaders in the playoffs?
Three teams, including us, have such a task at once. But I think it's too early to talk about it yet.
In the first round, Pari NN turned the match around, losing to Loko by 13 points, and eventually won confidently. At the expense of what?
The fighting qualities of the players of "Pari NN" in that match were higher. The coaches found weaknesses in the opponent's defense and successfully attacked these places. And the Loko players have lost the ease and confidence with which they started this game. Our aggressive defense and character turned that meeting around. Now it will be more difficult - several foreigners have joined the Krasnodar team. Let's see how good they are.
Who should I pay the most attention to in the Loko squad?
We all understand perfectly well who are the leaders at Loko - both foreigners and Russians. Moreover, after all, it is the job of coaches to emphasize both defense and offense.
How has the current geopolitical situation affected Pari NN?
There were a couple of refusals of foreign players. But there are fraternal peoples who helped form the composition – we have three Serbs and two Belarusians. Fraternal peoples are there to come to the rescue in such difficult moments. I think that we have been staffed quite seriously. There is talk of difficulties in breeding even in the best seasons. Therefore, I think it makes no sense to complain about your composition now.
Does the fact that the club is led by the coach of the national team somehow affect the negotiations with the players? Especially with Russian ones?
No, such a factor has no effect in negotiations. Russian players go for big contracts, only money plays a decisive role in negotiations. Russians understand that this season the demand for them is sky-high. Many went to clubs where they were offered more money. We're going our own way. Now we have guys who have not played in the national team yet, but thanks to working with the current coach, they will still become famous.
The demand for Russian players is high – Sergey Monya, Anton Ponkrashov Vitaly Fridzon are proof of this. Was the generation that took bronze at the Olympics in London so top?
With all due respect, these guys do not play key roles, they are still more in demand in PR campaigns. Maybe in some moments they shine, but rarely. The number of star performers, if we take their best years, of course, is now reduced to a minimum. Young people of this level are not yet visible on the horizon, but it will take time to reveal them. You need the coach's trust. The diligence and trust of the coach is the most important thing.
To be honest, I was shocked how Nizhny Novgorod was decorated for the anniversary. And what are your favorite places in this town? Or, as it is fashionable to say now, places of power?
By the anniversary of the city, a lot has really changed. I would like this beauty to remain. But the place of "power" has not changed – the Arrow. Our base is located there, and the stadium is beautiful, and the fair is our Nizhny Novgorod product, and everything is beautifully arranged. Therefore, even in winter, this is probably the center of power.
What do you wish basketball fans in the coming year?
Basketball fans can wish love for basketball. At the expense of basketball, you can overcome everything – both personal life problems and global problems. Therefore, I wish everyone to love basketball, to enjoy it – both from victories and defeats, and then your life will be richer and more joyful.
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