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Let’s celebrate the new basketball year at the Loko — Pari NN match!

The first match of Lokomotiv-Kuban in 2023 promises us a very exciting spectacle. We will tell you about what will surround this game and thanks to which a visit to the "Basket Hall" will be a real holiday for every viewer.
Basketball is the best entertainment during the New Year holidays

The New Year is, of course, a family holiday, but soon the first week of the national winter holidays will come to an end, all salads will be finished, close relatives and friends will be visited, and the body begins to demand some variety. Where can a person who is hungry for entertainment go? With all due respect to cinema and just theaters, their repertoire for the New Year is too formulaic: all Santa Claus and fairy tales for preschoolers.

Basketball in this situation turns out to be the only alternative, moreover, a very worthy alternative: in Krasnodar they know how to make a show of matches of quite a European level. A little later we will explain in detail such an ambitious statement, and right now we will tell you…

Why the match against Pari NN will be interesting

Because the closest competitors meet. Loko and Pari NN currently share 5-6 places in the VTB United League standings with absolutely identical indicators: 10 wins and 8 losses each.

In the first round match, Lokomotiv-Kuban lost rather offensively to Nizhny Novgorod: during the first quarter, the red-greens led with a 13-point advantage, but they quickly lost it and lost 70:84.

There is no doubt that Loko is eager to win back. The team is training intensively these days, so two newcomers – Chris Horton and Joshi Gray – should already get used to the tactics and combinations of Alexander Sekulich by the match against Paris NN. We are also waiting for an inspired game from the pupils of the club system: Alexander Shcherbenev, who is in the “Top 5” of the league in assists, Zakhar Vedishchev and Kirill Yelatontsev, a contender for the “Athlete of Kuban-2022” Andrey Martyuk, called up to the national team of the country.

The main star in the composition of “Pari NN” can safely be called the head coach – Zoran Lukich, who concurrently heads the Russian national team. The specialist has been working in Nizhny Novgorod since 2008 (although with a break – in the 2014/15 season, the Serb left for the Turkish Banvit) and is building a very tenacious and unyielding team there. Like Lokomotiv-Kuban, Pari NN relies mainly on Russian players with a point reinforcement of the squad by legionnaires: American Jermaine Love is one of the best snipers of the VTB United League (15.8 points on average per game), Serbian point guard Nikola Rebic leads the team in terms of “plus or minus” (7.2), and his compatriot Dragan Apic (who, by the way, played one season at Loko) is the best in the team in rebounds (5.0).

In the last match of 2022, Zoran Lukic’s wards left no chances for Samara on the road – 83:60. Rebic updated his personal record of performance in the season – 16 points (to which he added 6 more assists and 5 rebounds). And it took only 22 minutes for Lava to score 19 points. Traditionally, the captain of “Pari NN” Evgeny Baburin was good and accurate – 3 accurate three-pointers.

Loko, we recall, beat PARMA-PARIS 88:86 in their last match in a difficult ending. So basketball in Krasnodar from the very first game of the new year, 2023, promises to be extremely interesting and dramatic.

But the "Basket Hall" is not close…

Not on vacation! This will be one of those rare days when traffic jams on Dzerzhinsky are not expected, which means that it will be possible to get to the arena from the center of Krasnodar in half an hour at most!

Recall that the following minibuses go past the “Basket Hall”:

∙ No. 29 — CCR — village Spiky
∙ No. 38 — Jubilee MKR — pos . Kalinina
∙ No. 67 — Cooperative market — 9th Tikhaya str.
∙ No.105 — Progress agricultural complex — Sports Village residential complex
∙ No. 106 — Cooperative market — 2nd branch of SKZNIISiV
∙ No. 182A — CCR — pos . Vodnikov
∙ No. 183A — Elizavetinskaya — Berezovy

And if you go by car, then you know – there are enough parking spaces for everyone:

To make it more fun for you to go to the game, our press service will arrange a live broadcast from the playground – it will start at 15:15 and last half an hour. We will tell you about the preparation of Loko for the match, analyze the opponent’s game and answer the questions of our subscribers. The broadcast will be carried out on the club’s Vkontakte page. Questions can be asked in the same place – or in our telegram channel.

If you come in advance, will there be something to do?

Of course! In general, we recommend that the audience come an hour and a half before the start of the controversial, because we arrange a lot of various activities for the audience before each match – during this time you will just have time to get acquainted with everyone properly.

The most important thing is that we hold several prize draws at once.

Firstly, with the help of pre-match programs. Each of the programs is marked with a unique number (you will see it on the last page). During the big break of the match, we randomly select the winning numbers and invite their happy owners to receive thermal mugs with club symbols and other pleasant prizes. The programs are sold in any of our fanshops in the lobby of the “Basket Hall”.

In general, our fanshops are a real source of pleasant surprises! After all, anyone who buys our branded souvenirs for 750 rubles or more there before the match automatically becomes a participant in several promotions with prizes at once.

We determine the winners of these actions 20 minutes before the kick-off of the ball. The first one gets the right to move (together with another person of his choice) to the best spectator seats – in the Parquet sector. Two more receive gift certificates from our partners. The main thing is not to forget to go to your section on the stands 20 minutes before the match, so as not to miss the moment when your number is pulled out of the lottery reel.

Although it is better to go up to the stands half an hour before the match, because at this time the “Locobet” draw will begin: everyone will be asked to guess the score of the match. Whoever ends up being the most accurate of all will receive a 90% discount on tickets to the next Loko home game.

So on January 5, you can safely come to the “Basket Hall” by 14:30 – it is at this moment that we will open the doors to the audience and begin the pre–match entertainment program.

Should I take my children with me?

We are happy for children and know how to entertain them. For the youngest visitors of the “Basket Hall” we have several platforms:
∙ aquagrim;
∙ children’s playground with animators;
∙ game area with video consoles and board games;
∙ fun starts and art workshops from the “Center of Growth”;
∙ a drawing studio where you can create a poster in support of the team (it often happens that players come to leave their autograph on the most beautiful posters after the match).

So your children will not get a single chance to get bored, even if it turns out to be difficult for them to sit in the stands for four game ten minutes!

Does Loko have a group of cheerleaders?

We don’t just have cheerleaders. Our Loks Dancers are multiple winners of competitions among sports support groups. And they have prepared a completely new dance for the match against Pari NN!

And we also have a talisman Toothpick. Once you have talked with our restless and cheerful Zubby, you will never forget him. By the way, this time he has prepared an incredible mountain of gifts for all the viewers – and he will be actively using them (however, he does not know how to do it any other way) give.

Persuaded! Where and how to buy tickets?

Lokomotiv-Kuban is keeping pace with modernity. We have made the procedure of buying tickets as easy as possible – now it can be done literally in three clicks on our website. Come here and see for yourself!

What else do you need to keep in mind when going to a match?

For security reasons, we have no right to let you into the “Basket Hall” with large backpacks and bags – bulky luggage can be left in the luggage room (they will show you where it is, it’s in the basement of the “Basket Hall”).

With bottles and thermoses, too, alas, it is impossible – drinks can be bought in the lobby of the sports complex. Alternatively, you can buy a branded thermocup in our fanshop and walk with it.

Another point of our prohibitions is professional equipment for photo and video shooting. If you really want to report from the arena, contact a press service specialist (+7-962-869-44-75) – we will find a solution that will suit everyone.

What should I do if I have difficulties during the match?

If you can’t find the right sector, missed friends, left your things somewhere – feel free to contact our stewards. These are guys in T-shirts with the words “Staff” and “Ready to help”. They know exactly what to do in any situation.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the match with great impatience – and we try to do everything to make you comfortable and interesting in the arena. In return, we need your fervent support – the native stands have helped Loko win difficult matches more than once. See you on Thursday at the Basket Hall! And Happy New Year to you!

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