Alexander Sekulich: “It was a real roller coaster”

The head coach of Loko summed up the results of the valid victory over PARMA-PARI (88:86).
How would you rate today's victory?
– It was a real roller coaster: three or four times we broke away with a double-digit score, but allowed the opponent to return to the game, let them get to the distance that is recouped for one possession. PARMA-PARIS is a good and serious team, but if we had made fewer mistakes, we would have won much more confidently.
In the first half of the match, Lokomotiv-Kuban scored only one three–pointer, after which several in a row in the third quarter. Was that your setup during the big break?
— no. First of all, I drew the attention of the players to the need to stay focused and continue playing team basketball. That we need a confident game and a clear defense. Probably, this eventually became the main reason that three-pointers flew in the third quarter.
How would you rate the newcomers' game? Especially Joshiah Gray, because Chris Horton was already in plain sight.
– Both of them helped us a lot. Perhaps it was easier for Chris today, because he came from Israel, where he had regular playing practice. Josh has a slightly different story – he hasn't played for a long time and is just finding his rhythm now. It's too early to say that the newcomers have joined the team fully. We've only had a few training sessions together so far. Now there will be a short break, we will try to use this time to better integrate both into the team.
Will we see Devon Akun-Purcell in the next match?
– I respect your interest, but let's talk about the game that just ended. The team fought really well today, and the guys totally deserve to be the center of attention. As for Devon, let him come, successfully undergo a medical examination at the club – and then we'll talk about him.
How would you rate your first six months at Loko?
– The main result is that I am pleased to become a part of this club. The organization of the case at Loko coincided with my best expectations. The club won the European Cup, played in the "Final Four" of the Euroleague. Great coaches worked here before me. There is a very good cheerleading community in Krasnodar. I hope together with the team to meet the expectations of fans and management and achieve the highest goals – our composition allows it.
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