December 21 is World Basketball Day!

131 years ago, the first official match of the best ball game took place.

December 21 is considered the official date of the first ever official basketball match. James Naismith, an American college physical education teacher, invented the game and created its first rules. Most of these rules still apply today.
We congratulate all basketball fans on the holiday! We wish you the right decisions both on the site and in life, loyal partners nearby, and that the score is always in your favor!

Andrey Vedishchev, President of PBK "Locomotive-Kuban"

On behalf of the PBC "Lokomotiv-Kuban" and the Basketball Federation of the Krasnodar Territory, I congratulate everyone on the birthday of the best ball game! Basketball unites millions of people all over the planet, develops a sense of elbow, team spirit, leadership qualities, willpower, discipline – qualities that a person needs not only on the court, but also in life. I am happy that basketball has become my life's work. A lot has already been done, but I believe that everyone who has devoted himself to this wonderful game, the main achievements are still ahead!

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