Alexander Sekulich: “The match with PARMA-PARI will be a real battle”

The head coach of PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban shared his expectations from the final game of the calendar year.
The first round match in Perm was not easy for Loko, they managed to win only in overtime. What do you expect from the upcoming game?
PARMA-PARI is a good team that has recently demonstrated a very meaningful game. Now the Permians are in full force - the injured players have recovered and returned to the ranks. This made the rivals even more dangerous. Luck smiled on us in Perm, we were able to take advantage of the chances we got and won that match. In the upcoming game, you cannot rely on chance - you need to rely only on your own strength.
This is the last match before the New Year. Does the proximity of the holiday and the holidays distract the players?
Preparation is no different from our usual work. Well, probably, there is one difference - we know that an opponent is coming to us, who needs victory as much as we do. We are waiting for the Permians to give a real fight. In order to win, we need to show our maximum on the court.
After the match on Thursday, will the team go on vacation?
Rather, it will be a short weekend. The guys need to recover physically, reboot mentally before the very important and responsible second part of the season.
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