Chris Horton: “I will play better in the next match”

The newcomer of Lokomotiv-Kuban shared his feelings from the debut match for Lokomotiv-Kuban, following which he became the most productive player in the team (14 points).
How would you rate your debut in the VTB United League?
– It was quite exciting to make my debut against the strongest team of the season in the league. It's a pity that we didn't manage to show a better result, but I think the match turned out to be interesting.
What can you say about your mental and physical conditions?
– About mental… It's basketball. I don't think you can lose your way of thinking. And physically, yes, it's been a while since the last time I played seriously. I finally joined Loko only a couple of days ago. And I have yet to get into optimal shape. I hope I will play better in the next match.
How much time do you think it will take you to reach a game understanding with the team?
– I don't think that much. We have already managed to play something in a couple of training sessions. With each new lesson, we will understand each other better, I have no doubt about it.
What, in your opinion, is the main reason for the defeat by CSKA?
– We have two newcomers at once. Josh and I (Gray – note from the Loko press service) managed to learn some combinations, but there were much more mistakes. We had a good first quarter against CSKA, maybe even the beginning of the second – and then there were too many mistakes. And after all, they are easy to fix. As soon as we fix these mistakes, we will immediately start playing in a completely different way.
Every time Loko managed to get close to CSKA, the Army made a new breakthrough and again made the gap in the score double-digit…
– I noticed that CSKA is a team of fighters with a great sense of self–esteem. They can't be broken so easily. But I'll say it again, we can play much better – we just need to sort out the mistakes as soon as possible.
Do you remember how you scored your first points today? What did you feel at the same time?
– I felt great. It's nice, you know, to break this wall – there's always nervousness when you haven't scored the first points for a new team yet. And when you have already scored, the tension subsides – and you just play as you can.
Did you expect to be the most productive member of the new team in the first match for the new team?
– I didn't think much about it. I wanted to go out on the court and do my best to help the team with what I know how to do. I've been playing basketball for quite some time now and have learned to put the interests of the team above personal records.

The next match of Lokomotiv-Kuban will be held at home – on Thursday, December 22, against PARMA-PARIS. The red-Greens will need the support of their native stands to get back on winning tracks. We are waiting for you in the “Basket Hall”! Tickets are локо.рф.

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