Alexander Sekulich: “There were too many holes in the defense”

The head coach of "Loco" commented on the away defeat from CSKA (80:94).

– To begin with, congratulations to CSKA – even without two leading players (Alexey Shved and Nikola Milutinov – note from the press service of “Loco”), the army showed a very high-quality game.

As for us, I am happy with the offensive game. It’s especially nice that we showed such an attack against CSKA, which demonstrates a very strict defense for the season. But we had too many holes in defense. And the way we acted at our shield when playing one-on-one, sometimes resembled a disaster. Teams of the CSKA level do not forgive this.

We have two new players, so we have rearranged the training sessions before this match. Our task was to integrate newcomers into the team game as quickly as possible so that they would quickly understand what to do in what situations.

Andrey Martyuk, who is having a great season, was not 100% ready today. He came out and tried to play the way he knows how – but it didn’t work out.

Today’s defeat should be a big lesson for us. I hope the team will get the right experience out of it, and in the next game we will show much higher quality basketball.

The next match of Lokomotiv-Kuban will be held on Thursday, December 22, at home against PARMA-PARIS, one of the competitors for getting into the top six at the end of the starting part of the regular season. Come and support the red-greens! Tickets are at локо.рф.

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