Alexander Sekulich: “We need to stay focused for the entire 40 minutes of the match”

The head coach of Lokomotiv-Kuban told how it is possible to defeat the leader of the VTB United League, who is still going without defeats.
Alexander Sekulich, Head coach of Lokomotiv Kuban

We have to play against the leader of the VTB United League, a team that has not lost a single match in the tournament so far and shows talent, character and the length of its bench in every meeting. So we have a very serious test ahead of us. Compared to the match against IBA, we need to improve a lot. We have discussed the details with the team in detail, I hope you will see it in the match. In the first round meeting, we showed at the starting segment that we can compete with CSKA on equal terms. But in order for the winning score for us to be on the scoreboard after the final siren, we need to remain extremely collected throughout the entire 40 minutes. Then we will have an opportunity to oppose something to such a strong team.

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