Joshiah Gray: “I took the number 5 in honor of my father”

The Loko newcomer arrived in Russia and gave his first face-to-face interview to the club's press service.
– We are glad to see you in Russia! What are your impressions from personal acquaintance with the team?
– Great players, great coaching staff. I'm looking forward to the moment when I go on the court in official matches. I came here to win.
– Have you seen many Lokomotiv-Kuban matches?
– Not so much, to be honest. After we signed a contract with Loko, I started doing paperwork, moving – there was no time to watch the matches from start to finish. But I've seen the reviews, I'm aware of the tournament situation and I think I won't have any difficulties joining the team.
– Before deciding to move to Lokomotiv-Kuban, did you consult with any of the Americans who have experience of performing in Russia?
– Yes, with Jonathan Motley, with JB, with a couple of guys who played for Loko. I am quite satisfied with what I have learned from them. As you can see, I'm here.
– In "Loco" you will play under the number "5". Do you have any history with this number?
- Yes. I took this number in honor of my family. We are five brothers. And by choosing such a number, I want to honor the memory of our father, who died a year ago.
– A professional player probably doesn't have a lot of free time. But maybe you still have some kind of hobby?
– Rocking chair! I spend my free time either with my loved ones or in the gym.
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