Zakhar Vedischev: “I wish my brother to win the youth gold!”

The defender of Loko who played two seasons for the club's youth team told us how closely the main team follows the Final Four of VTB United League and what results are expected from the championship's gold medal game today.
How did the main team react to yesterday's victory of Loko-2 in the semifinals of the League?
- We were on the plane and didn't know how the game unfolded. We were so happy to hear the boys made it to the finals.
Loko-2 won the semifinals against Khimki-2 by 30 points. In your opinion, is our youth team really that much stronger?
- I don't know. I haven't seen any of the youth team's games this season - they just weren't working out. We`ll see tonight, I think, we`ll get together as a team. I'll personally root for my brother (Mikhail Vedischev played the most of the season in the Superleague for SSHOR-Loko, but before the Final Four in the VTB United League he was invited to Loko-2 because of his age - note from the Loko press office).
Are you following your brother's results?
- Yes, yes, of course I do. I try to guide him. He really does not listen to me well. But we're working on it.
You also have a third brother - Pyotr, who is already the Most Valuable Player of the VTB United League All-Star Weekend (after the Friends Match that preceded the VTB All-Star Game, Loko President Andrei Vedischev and his son Pyotr received the collective MVP title - note from the club press office).
- That's a separate story. We can talk about this man for a long time. We do not know yet what will happen to him. Only in two years we will know what kind of basketball talents he has.
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