Andrey Vedischev: “I’m very happy for the coaches and players of the youth team.

President of PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban shared his impressions of the victory in the VTB United Youth League.
What are your impressions of the final game?
– Я очень доволен! Ребята красавцы, уверенно обыграли лучшую команду регулярного чемпионата. Мы чемпионы! Я очень рад. Рад за ребят, за тренеров. - I'm very satisfied! The guys were great; they outplayed the best team of the regular season. We're the champions! I'm very happy. I am happy for the guys, for the coaches. Our next plan is to win everything we can. I mean, we've got JUBL finals ahead of us. I think we'll be able to repeat today's success and become champions. I really hope so. We have a good JUBL team and we'll try to win at least the medal.
When you played in the first final at the Lokomotiv-Kuban, could you imagine that it would be like this?
- It was hard to imagine, you could dream. I'm very happy that we won our first title at our new training center. It's really cool.
Did you like everything, how did it go?
- The organization is great, the conditions are great. I think it was perfect. Everything turned out the way we planned.
Now most of the finals will be held here?
- We'll try and do our best.
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