Aleksandar Sekulic: “Congratulations to the youth! And the main team is 100% ready for the series with CSKA.

The head coach of Loko talked about his expectations for the first game of the semifinal series against CSKA, which begins in a few hours, at 19:00.
How can you evaluate your team's readiness for today's game?
- We'll see on the court, but I think we're fully prepared. I hope we'll be able to successfully implement all our ideas in the game.
What will be the most important thing to win?
- Team interaction. We have to stay united both on defense and offense. And remember that you cannot win or lose a series until four victories in the first game. Just as you cannot win or lose one game in the first quarter.
Tonight there will be a full house at the arena. Is Loko ready to play under the pressure of 14,000 fans?
- This season we've played several times in front of a packed Basket Hall in Krasnodar, so I don't think the full house will embarrass them.
Will the fact that CSKA is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the club benefit or hurt their players?
- That's a good question, but I don't have an answer. We know what kind of team they are - CSKA has only lost two games so far in the VTB United League season, so we shouldn't expect the atmosphere of celebration to have any impact on their focus.
Did you see the VTB United Youth League finals yesterday, which Loko 2 won?
- Of course, we watched it with the whole team yesterday. And the day before we watched the semifinals with our coaching staff. This championship is very important for our club - it shows that in the past few years we did a great job.
How do you think the fact that Kirill Elatontsev was named the most valuable player of the Final Four of VTB United League will influence his game?
- I hope that it will have a positive effect. He is a very promising player who is making progress very fast. He improved his physical shape perfectly and now he can make the most out of his body. He's reached a whole new level in terms of his understanding of the game in just six months.
Does Elatontsev have a chance to play today?
- No. We count on him starting from the second game.
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