Dmitry Uzinsky: “I think the second game of the series will be just as intense.

The Loko captain had one of his best games today for the Red and Green: 16 points, 4 of his 5 accurate three-pointers, and a team-best efficiency rating (along with DeVon Acun Purcell) of +22.
How do you feel about the game?
- We prepared seriously. We expected our opponent to do what he showed us. We made a few mistakes late in the game and CSKA didn't forgive us for that. Everything was decided in practically one shot. Still, I guess we can say it was a good game for us. We'll draw some conclusions, get ready and try to play even better in the next game.
The overcrowded stands of 14 thousand did not put pressure?
- No, the atmosphere was great. Many thanks to our fans, we heard the away sector. Thank you for coming to support us. We will try our best to take the second game after all. Let's go, for Loko!
You've never scored so many points playing for Loko before. Did the coach make you copy the plays specifically for you?
- No. Today was just the day that things took off for me (chuckles wryly). Situations came up, I received good assists and was able to use them.
In your opinion, will the second game of the semifinal series be much different from the first?
- In terms of the heat, I think it will be the same. As for tactics, both our team and our opponent will probably change a bit. Now the most interesting thing for the coaches begins, we will prepare.
How long has it been since you started playing in the cape?
- I grew my tooth after the series with Paris NN, and I`ve started playing. Because any sloppy touch and it would break again.
Have you been less prone to contact since that incident?
- I don't think so, I don't notice anything like that. I think I play with the same intensity as I did before I lost my tooth.
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