Vladislav Emchenko: “Deja vu: we lost even more offensive than a year ago.

Loko's guard analyzed the results of the first semifinal game against CSKA (84-87).

– Deja vu,” Emchenko began without waiting for questions. – That’s really unpleasant déjà vu…

What do you mean?
- Our loyal fans remember last year's semifinal game with CSKA. That time we also lost the first game of the series, although we controlled the game for the most part. But in the end we let them tie first and then win by 3 points. Today it's even more frustrating, because I think that this time we were in better control and our opponent played the same basketball all four quarters. But at the end one of us missed a shot or committed an unnecessary foul... It was all decided by the little things. That shouldn't happen again. The coach just told us at the meeting not to get discouraged and reminded us that one game doesn't decide the outcome of a series to four wins. According to him, we can consider that the second game of the series has just begun, after the final siren of the first game. We'll analyze everything and come out as ready as we can. I also want to say something about the fans. We heard their support, and it was especially great that even the overcrowded stands cheering for CSKA didn't drown out ours. Thank you. The day after tomorrow we promise to work even harder and do everything we can to win.
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