DeVaughn Akun-Purcell: “This defeat will make us stronger.

After scoring 20 points in the first game of the semifinal series against CSKA (84-87), the Trinidadian legionnaire was the highest-scoring player for Loko.
How would you rate the first game of the semifinals?
- I think we played the better part of the game. Only at the end did things fall apart: we began to make rash decisions and fouled a couple of times where we shouldn't have. We lacked the concentration to find good shots at the defensive end and work well on defense.
From the outside it looked like CSKA picked up its pace in the 4th quarter. And how did that look on the court?
- They were much more active after the break. But we continued for a while to find a decent answer to their struggles. Well, next time we'll give even more energy and win.
Did you feel the pressure from the crowded stands?
- No. This was the playoffs; we were ready for that.
How will this loss affect the team?
- I'm 100% sure it will make us stronger. We will continue to play the same way. But the result will be different, because we will definitely learn a lesson from the mistakes in the first game.
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