Jurica Zuza: “It is great that the team kept believing in themselves to the end”.

Loko's assistant coach, who led his team from the second quarter after Alexander Sekulic was suspended, summed up the results of the fantastic third game in the series with CSKA (84-81 and 2-1).

– I want to congratulate my team: We were soft at first, but we found the strength to turn the game around. In the fourth quarter you could see how we wanted to look every second of every game. I hope this win will give the guys more confidence in their abilities.

Weren't you afraid to let Shcherbenyov out in the fourth quarter after the cut he suffered early in the game?
- He came up to me and told me he was ready. That's the character and the desire to fight that we want to see. Our determination and belief in winning were probably the most important factors in today's success.
Have you ever been a head coach during such an important match?
- Sasha (Aleksandr Sekulich - the club press service) and I are preparing to games together. I know what we have to do in this or that situation. When the head coach gets suspended, the assistant coach has no time, especially when it comes to figuring out responsibilities. You just try to instill confidence in the guys that they have to believe in themselves no matter what.
For a long time it seemed that the outburst of emotions when Sekulic was sent off hurt Lokomotiv-Kuban. In the end, however, emotions helped turn the tide in the game.
- Of course, it's not an easy situation when a head coach gets suspended. It's much better when he can direct the game. Fortunately today we were able to find the right reaction to what happened.
In the playoffs Loko play better against CSKA than they did in the regular season. How do you do that?
- The playoffs are a completely different competition compared to the regular season. And of course when you play against CSKA - a team with a Euroleague-level roster and a very competent coaching staff - it's a special challenge. We try to show the best of what we can do.
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