Alexander Scherbenyov: «We really wanted to avoid a tight finish»

Loko had another solid game on Tuesday against CSKA (85-68, 3-2 in the series), playing great defense in key stretches of the game.
How unexpected was it to lead CSKA by 16 points in the first quarter?
– That was nice, of course. But we didn't want to relax, because we wanted to jump ahead at least once in the entire series and avoid a tough finish. We wanted to win so that we wouldn't get nervous. Admittedly, I can't say we succeeded; we still had to worry until the final minutes.
How did you stop CSKA's comeback spurt in the third quarter, when the Army team went from –19 to –7?
– We took a timeout, rebooted, redesigned our defense and offense a little bit. Then we made some shots, defended, felt our game again and didn't give up the initiative any more.
How's your cut?
– It's good. It doesn't hurt anymore. God willing, the stitches will come off in a couple of days.
Will it heal before the wedding?
– Yeah, everyone's already making jokes about it. Well, so are you now.
Are you still growing that beard like everyone decided at the beginning of the playoffs?
– Yeah. I hope it won't be as redheaded as you guys made me look on your website. But keep it as long as it is!
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